Amber and Paige representing Iowa at the 2009 Children’s Congress!


Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, spoke on the behalf of JDRF, read his testimony!


JDRF’s fourth Children’s Congress held in Washington last June proved once again that our children are our most eloquent and persuasive voices, and that they have the power to affect and change the world.

To watch videos about Children’s Congress and its importance, click here!



Iowa’s Album of Hope
The JDRF Iowa government relations team has put together a program to help our leaders put a “face” (or many faces, in this case) on the disease. We have a photo album with pictures of the children and adults who suffer from type 1 diabetes in our state. We will share these albums with our State Senators and Representatives. If you like to include your child(ren), friends and family members in these albums, please complete the information on the form, and mail or email it to our office with a picture of your child, friend or family member. If you have already submitted a previous photo, we’d love to update your picture and information.

Promise to Remember Me
The Promise to Remember Me Campaign is to further relationships between people who are affected by diabetes and their lawmakers, and to capture the request for a “promise” in a photograph.. Families affected by this disease will meet with their Representatives and Senators during local town hall meetings, in local offices, and at events throughout the country.