Community Outreach Programs & Activities

The purpose of the Outreach Program is to give a helping hand to newly diagnosed families by connecting them with other families who have gone through that same difficult time.

Bag of Hope
The Bag of Hope is the cornerstone of the Outreach Program. The JDRF Outreach Committee sends this Bag of Hope to newly diagnosed families to assist them in those early days, then follows up with a call from a volunteer mentor.

School Advisory Toolkit
The School Advisory Toolkit (SAT) is a guide that offers collaborative methods for educators and parents of children with diabetes to ensure that every child enjoys the best possible school experience. Download the School Advisory Toolkit or contact Tori Freeman at or 515-802-3333 for a hard copy.

Adult Type 1 Toolkit
The Adult Type 1 Toolkit is a guide written by adults who have type1 diabetes themselves, the toolkit is a personal guidebook to life with diabetes. It aims to help adults live well with the disease by providing a wealth of information and resources about the diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes. It also covers issues surrounding specific life stages and situations, such as relationships and marriage, pregnancy and children, the workplace, and complications. Download the Adult Type 1 Toolkit or contact Tori Freeman at or 515-802-3333 for a hard copy.

Outreach Activities Include:
– Directing families to local support groups and helping families start their own support group.
– Supporting JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team where individuals can be connected with a volunteer.
– Providing educational materials at numerous health fairs.
-Participating in the annual “Children’s Congress” in Washington, DC.
-Supporting all local and national JDRF research programs.

Outreach Survey
We want to meet your needs. If you or someone you know has diabetes, please complete the JDRF Outreach Survey and return it to the JDRF office. This will help us plan events and activities that meet your needs.

Committee Recruiting
On average, one child a day is diagnosed in Iowa and the Outreach Committee’s goal is to support and supply information to all of these families, but we need help to do it. If you would like to assist the Outreach Committee by becoming a JDRF Outreach Mentor, or if you would like more information about what is involved, please contact Tori Freeman at or 515-802-3333.